Hire Oven Cleaners in Bicester OX26 at Competitive Prices

When was the last time you gave a nice scrubbing to your oven? If you can’t remember, then you definitely need the help of the professional oven cleaners at Val's Cleaners in Bicester. With our help, those nasty stains in the corner of your oven will be nothing but a faded memory. Call 01869 396 039 today and book yourself a top-quality oven cleaning Bicester!

How Does a Standard Oven Cleaning Proceeds?

  1. You contact us via the phone, through our booking form or through the chat. Our representatives will give you a free quote and if you are satisfied with the terms, a booking is scheduled.
  2. A team of professionally trained and certified cleaners will arrive at the scheduled time and date. They will carry all required cleaning products and machines. Warm water is all they may ask for.
  3. A free inspection of the cooker is performed. It is done with the purpose of determining the volume of work needed. Cleaning methods are different for ceramic and gas hobs, double and single ovens, etc.
  4. After the inspection, the working area is covered just in case any accidental spills occur. The oven cleaners also carry overshoes, so your carpet and furniture won’t be needing cleaning services after we are done.
  5. After everything has been secured, the main oven cleaning procedure can start. The oven technicians disassemble every removable part they can. This includes trays, racks, panels, fans, light protector, control knobs, and extractor filters. Val's Cleaners in Bicester clean them using the tank dip method. Explained in simple words – it is a method where we dip them for several minutes in a tank filled with warm water and antibacterial sanitizing detergents.
  6. Once soaked, the removal parts are much easier to clean. Wired brushes, sponges and eco-friendly cleaning agents are used to take away any remaining grease or grime. The inside of the oven, as well as the oven glass, are also cleaned from any stains or burnt marks.
  7. When all the scrubbing and soaking ends, the oven cleaners rinse everything and let it dry. Once dried, all the parts are assembled.
  8. A final polishing is done on the oven for a remarkable and shiny look. Only tested polishers that don’t damage the surface are used.
  9. Upon completion one final inspection is done to determine whether everything is build back properly. After the quality control is done you are ready to cook your favourite meal right away.

Book Oven Cleaning from Val's Cleaners in Bicester

Just call 01869 396 039 any time of the day, any day of the week, for arranging a date with the top quality oven cleaners in Bicester. That’s right, our customer care centre is operating 24/7, awaiting to assist you. You can contact us over the phone, via our web chat or by filling in our booking form. By ordering two or more services like adding a regular cleaning for example, you will also receive a discount from the overall price. Contact us, today!

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